First off, on the home front, my little helper and business partner Lincoln turned 2yo today (May 10)!! T-W-O! what a time we have had! We have been planning a big shebang for him this weekend, so I will not be very active on our social media pages.



Okay Y'all... Mother's Day !! DO NOT forget mom this year! . While I would love for you all to buy Mom some Lost Penguin Goods, I know that's not in the cards for every one. As I've mentioned in past posts, Nick Offerman offers some great advise. Mr. Offerman suggests making a gift for your loved ones. That doesn't mean you need to go out and cut a tree down and create a piece of fine woodwork for Mom, it doesn't mean you have to forge a set of fine flatware for her (**but if you have the means and skill to do that, I'm sure she'd love that as well). Okay, lets get back on track here. Make Mom something. Your mother, or the bearer of your children as well, would absolutely love something you put some heart into. 

A few suggestions: There is the old standby homemade card. Stop on your way home and get some colorful construction paper, or just reach into your printer at home or work. Write something nice! NOTE: I DO NOT mean an eCard. You might as well just forget the effort and send a emoji text if you're going to go that route. Physically get up, and  using your bare hands, reach for a pen, pencil, marker or crayon. Write something nice. Something true. It is very simple, and I promise, no matter your age, Mom will love it more than any Hallmark Card. 

As a little side note, if you have kids, help them do the same thing, they'll have fun doing it too. You can all sign it, but make sure you still make one just from you.


What else can you make?  Cook Mom something if you can. Cookies, brownies, a five course meal. It doesn't matter. How many meals has she made for you? It is always nice to go out for a nice dinner, but who doesn't prefer homemade, at home, with the ones you love. If mom enjoys cooking, find a new recipe that you can both cook together. Don't know how to cook? Youtube something! Cooking is not that hard. Just do it already. I suggest a quick google for wine pairing too. Mom needs wine yall! 

Want to get more crafty? Hit up Pinterest! Just search for "Mothers Day Gift" "DIY Gift for Mom" etc etc. If its doable, its on Pinterest. 


And finally. This one is going to be a tough one. It isn't going to be a once a year gift. Remember my Blog on scheduling and routines? (If Not Here are the Links Routines Part 1 and Routines Part 2 and Dream-Goal-Plan) I talk a lot about building routines and keeping lists and calendars.... you know, adult-ish stuff. Okay, are you ready..... You want to know the best gift you can give mom?? 



Plug it into your google calendar or your phone calendar, set it to remind you once a week, and just call her. It isn't hard to do, even if you don't have anything to talk about. Just call her.

I know this has be a fun and upbeat blog, but I'm going to be a buzz kill here. We love our mothers, even when we don't like them, we love them. Mom wants to know whats going on in your life and as wonderful and blissful as it would be, Mom is not always going to be at the other end of the phone. Seize the day, give her your love, make her proud, love her. 





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