Shop Update, Panic at the Costco, & Keeping our Heads Above Water

Well, since I know you are all sitting at home with your blinders on, trying to avoid household chores, and having your third beverage of the day staring at your phone while your son saying, “Dad……Dad……Dad….. Daddy….. Daddy…..Dad……………………Mom… Mom….Momma!” then you should certainly check out the blog, right?


Joking aside, I hope you are doing well. These are crazy time that we are all going through at the moment. With so many uncertainties, I hope that you are making the best of the situation that you are in.

Myself, well, I’ve been struggling to keep myself busy during a slow period of sales in the shop. I have been finding a nice comfortable spot on the couch every evening and plopping down. I have been very lazy. When I get myself somewhat motivated to get out to the shop, I feel like there’s no reason if there aren’t orders to fulfill. Poor poor pitiful me.

Well, that’s a bunch of crap. I finally had to have a talk with myself this past weekend and get myself out of my funk. I have scheduled my evenings out in the shop this week, and LP is about to start knocking out products.  

(Before Image: Bad Picture, But all I have saved are videos of the before. I'm not smart enough to figure out how to post them to the blog) 

So, the shop! I know that’s what most of you are wondering about. I was finally able to get one wall replaced a couple weeks ago. I spent a weekend tearing out the wall, adding new insulation, making a few minor repairs, and finally getting the new wall up.

The shop is starting to take shape, although it isn’t exactly what I had planned at the beginning of the year when product was flying out the door, but it is coming together slowly.

(New & reused insulation stuffed into place) 

With the new wall up I was able to get my cabinets in and get organized. These Husky cabinets had been sitting in our garage since mid-January and I had been dying to get them in the shop, however, I didn’t want to put the up initially, just to have to take them down when I got new walls up. The wait was tough, but well worth it.



Yes, I said one wall up. Why? Well, I started the project when CV started taking off and lock-downs were coming. I knew I would not have much time, or funding to do a lot based on what all I was seeing in the news. To speed things up and allow me to get the cabinets in the shop, I choose to do the wall I wanted the cabinets on. Of course, I should have gone ahead and got the materials to do the whole shop, but I wanted to play it safe with LP funds.

The wall went up and the cabinets went in all in a weekend. My shortcomings came when things did go on lock down. I have not been able to get the paint to do the wall. Nor have I had the chance to trim the wall and windows. I can live with that for the moment. I feel successful at the moment having the shop cleaned up and organized, enough to get work done at least. Of course, the other three walls need to be done, but I have a functioning shop for now.

What’s left to do?

  • I have to get a window unit soon. Last week the shop warmed up quite a bit when local temps hit in the 80's, it was rather uncomfortable, and that was in the evening. I DO NOT want to know what 100 degree days will feel like.
  • I still need to paint, but at this point, I will likely wait until all the walls have been replaced.
  • Decorative patrician wall. I have mentioned in a previous post my plan to build a patrician wall to separate space for storage. I have since decided, that I am going to put up my show display wall. It is the perfect size to fill the roll of a separating wall.

(My show display wall to be used as a divider wall in the shop. My dad for size reference HA!) 
  • Trim the windows and install blinds. I need to get blinds ASAP! I have several windows that are letting in some damaging sunlight that I do not want falling upon my leather. We have a Surplus store down the street that keeps binds full of crazy good deals on blinds, I just need to be brave enough to risk the ‘Rona to go pick some up.
  • Man-Cave Corner: I will need a Refreshment area! I have a few ideas up my sleeve for a bar area. This will likely fall as one of the last projects I do for the shop, along with final décor and all. Additionally I will need to source some comfy chairs, and other furnishings.


That pretty much sums up the past few weeks for LP. Shop is coming along, I have decided to get off my butt and get busy.  I will add, I have several blogs entry planned and scheduled for the coming weeks, including a little project I have been putting of for too long!


Cheers y'all, Hang in there, we’re going to make it!


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