The BIG TEN -- Getting Back on Track

Whew, its been a while since I've added a blog post. SO here goes. 

One of the reasons I haven't written or contributed on here in the past few months is this.... I simply have been dropping the ball and being LAZY. I'd like to say I had a big ah-ha moment and suddenly realized things have changed, but the sad fact is that I've known this and I haven't been doing anything about it. 

For whatever reasons, I feel like I ran out of gas a few moths ago. There was no big life event or any specific thing that seemed to cripple me, I just got lazy and complacent with the day to day. SO, why am I bringing this up? Lets revisit a past blog post.... Routines Part 1 & Routines Part 2 . I was all about routines and the benefit of securing them.... 

" What a hypocrite! They shout from the back of the room! "

Yes, that is true, however at the time of writing those entries I was rocking and rolling along with those daily, weekly, and monthly routines....... and then suddenly, I skipped a day at the gym, then another and another. I decided to take a night off from the shop because I didn't have a lot of work to do, and that turned into a week. I got sloppy with my social media upkeep. Then like a creature slowly emerging from the depths of a black hole, I began to lose enthusiasm for my leather work.... it was turning into work. 

Was it depression? A bad chapter? What was it? 

Lets circle back to those Routine blogs I wrote. I whole heartily believe when my routines began to break down, it was like a tiny thread loose at the corner of the blanket... all it took was that one thread to fail and not be repaired, for the rest of the blanket to come completely unraveled. Instead of getting a grip on that little thread that came loose, and repairing it, I just let it go saying, I'll get to it later. 

Well, right now, over the past week I've realized that my blanket is close to completely undone, and I have to get back to reestablishing those routines. 

Step 1 : Survey they key factors to the break down. 

Step 2 : Write it down.... hmm that reminds me.... Dream, Goal , Plan BLOG 

Step 3 : Just do it man. Get up off your a$$ and do it. Excuses are terrible. 

Step 4 : Be accountable. Have someone hold you to your word/plan/goal.

So, guess where I'll be this evening? Cleaning my wreck of a shop. Sitting down to schedule the rest of this week and the following week out. Pulling out that old workout and diet plan. And finally, answering these BIG TEN questions every mourning that I wake up. 

THE BIG TEN..(I'll probably have a few to add along the way)

#10 - Are you starting your day off with a good attitude? 

#9 -- Are you letting others dictate your mood?

#8 -- Are you staying on task?

#7 -- Did you or are you doing it the easy way, or the right way?

#6 -- Are you keeping to your schedule you've set?

#5 -- Are you being LAZY?

#4 -- Are you making promises you can't keep or deliver on -- in work or to family/friends?

The Top 3---->

#3 -- Are you happy.... are you happy for the right reasons?

#2 -- Are you wishing 5/7ths of you life away....( reference Conquering Mondays Blog.  to understand the rule of 5/7ths )

#1 -- Are you trusting GOD. I try not to bring religion or politics into my work, but I've learned as of late, that you can't avoid this one. The sooner that you accept this, the smoother things will go. 


I got off track, I got out of my routines, its easy. It really is. But if I can refocus and accept what needs to be done at the end of the day, there is not reason you cant get out there and seize the day, find your Joy and happiness. 

Id love to heard about your routines and the struggles you come across in your day to day. Tell me in the comments, or send my an email. If you're going through a rough go, and need someone to talk to, lets chat. 


Happy Thursday Y'all. 

Jesse Wayne Beckham 

August 30, 2018 

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  • Vance Hinds

    Great post Jesse! I love #3. Are you happy for the right reasons? I think this works hand and hand with #9. I always seem to gravitate toward people with negative attitudes. I don’t know if itrwas remnants of my childhood or if it was always easier just to go along. As I get older, the less I want to suffer fools. Sometimes I ask myself why I surround with negative people? I could just as easily surround myself with positive people. The question is when to do this? I don’t know the answer. All I know is I can’t help the people I need to help if I don’t take care of myself first. Sorry about venting on your post. We got this Jesse! Vance Hinds

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