The Man Cave

Had this post ready last week and forgot to set it to go Live! Oops. But on the bright side, I did have someone come by yesterday to look at the shop to give me a quote for the renovation. Hopefully get the ball rolling soon. 


The Man Cave:


I want to clear something up before I continue to use the label “Man Cave” for the no-work area/corner of the shop. You can quote me on all of this.

As many of you know, I work a full-time gig outside of the leather shop. You know that my time in the leather shop does not start until our son has gone to bed. I have made mention too, that I try not to work on the weekends if I can get away with it. That all being said, I have long dreamed of a workshop that had a comfortable space for both Jayme and Lincoln to hang out while I work. There are, unfortunately, weekends that I must catch up on orders in the shop away from family time. But having a space that Jay and Linc can come hang out would at least offer a place for us all to be together. It can become a real bummer when I’m working every evening away from Jayme, so having this space will also allow her to at least be present while I am working and neither of us feel like we're neglecting one another.

Well, it wasn’t until we had secured our new home that “Man Cave” was brought to my attention. While discussing my plan for the new space my pal Cody Russell, at Cody Russel Custom Leather, mentioned that I should have space for a killer Man Cave!! It dawned on me that this whole time I had been describing a man cave, only one that wives and children were welcome. So, for the lack of a better name, we will stick with Man Cave, only because “comfortable, space for Lincoln and Jayme to hang out with me while I work” is a mouthful! **(Note: I have always been aware of what a man cave is, I simply wasn’t seeing this space as that).


Now that I have that all cleared up, what are my plans for the Man Cave corner?

I may or may not have, but definitely did, go a little crazy over on Pinterest searching “man cave” . Oh, do I have big plans for the space! Enormous TV, kegerator, top-shelf bar, large leather wingback chairs, walk-in cigar humidor, surround sound system, top of the line technology and even all the new gaming systems! Its going to be awesome! Wait…..I have not won the lottery, nor have I found a stash of cash. I guess Pinterest got to me a bit!

Joking aside, I do plan to make this area welcoming and comfortable. Nothing over the top. Couple comfy leather chairs, nice area rug, modest TV, mini fridge and some fun art to capture what we do. As I said above, this space is going to be for Jay and Linc as much or more than for anyone else. It will be a place that Linc can catch up of those Disney+ cartoons that I grew up on, as well as a place for Jay to catch up on her reading or trash-tastic TV shows. Either way, it will be aimed at keeping them comfy and wanting to come hang out.

On the other hand, I want it to be a welcoming space for clients to sit and discuss any business, to discuss designs or any work we are doing for them.

And finally, its going to be a great space to coerce my buddies with cold beverages to come over, and then casually get them to help click out a few hundred key fobs “real quick” then we'll relax and watch the game. HAHA! (Just don’t reveal my master plan to Brandon or Brad.)

Like all projects and renovations, I know I will run into obstacles and issues while planning and implementing these ideas. Hopefully, I will feel a little more accountable by listing all these plans on here. Additionally, I will be keeping track of these projects along the way, where I can post them here for everyone to follow along with us on our renovation journey!

Cheers Yall!

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