Two weeks in... Whew!

Whew, two weeks into eCommerce, two weeks of cold/flu/sinus infections, one week of craziness at the day job work. 

Well the last couple weeks, give or take a couple days, have kicked my butt! We launched the site, having no idea what to expect! It was a great source of anxiety for myself. I didn't know if it would be a busy mess or simply sit quietly in the corner with zero sales.

Good news? it hasn't been a complete bust... we have had a handful of sales that we probably wouldn't have gained had we not launched a site.

The BAD news? I got very busy at my day job, I came down with a slow creeping cold that fell on me full scale at the end of last week. Being down, not feeling too good is a negative two fold: 1) I haven't had the energy or gumption to get back into the shop every evening to get busy making stuffs, and in general I feel like poo... 2) When I am not in the shop, I am not getting new content to showcase on our social media outlets. 95% of our visitors come from either our Facebook or Instagram so we have a lot of catching up to do... 

I have big plans for a new product line coming soon. It will be called the "Statesman" line of Leather goods. The idea behind the "Statesman" is classy old school accessories, with a very Texcentric (Texas Y'all!) styling. Much Like our Houston Statesman Dopp Kit  they will exude a touch of Texas class. I am planning a run of valet trays, attaches, key fobs, dopp kits and the like. We will also feature some Moore Maker pocket knives!

These and other items are in the works and should be dropping very soon! Also, don't forget Valentines Day is just around the corner!



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