What else beside leather?

If you've read our first two entries, you kind-of know how we got into leather and how we wound up here today. But no one knows who we are...

Once more, my name is Jesse Wayne Beckham. You'll notice that I write my middle name out as often as I can. Why? Little known fact, because I am named after both of my grandfathers. My father's father Jesse, and my mother father Billy Wayne. 

Besides my name, a few quick facts about myself. In High school I was a middle of the class student. I never had any plans for college. I wanted to build hot rods, so I went to a school in Wyoming after graduating to learn how to do so. However, a few unforeseen and fortunate** events lead to my being dismissed from that program. (Note: I did nothing wrong, simply got stuck in a blizzard for 5 days, in Kansas, on my way back from the Thanksgiving holiday. The school had a very strict attendance policy) 

After returning to Texas from Wyoming, with no other options, my older sister convinced me to enroll in college to see if it was for me. I was kicked out of a trade school in Wyoming in November, and started my freshman year at Midwestern State University, in Wichita Falls, Texas in the Spring. 

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, majoring in History and minoring in Humanities, in Spring 2010. I promptly started graduate school the following Fall Semester, also at Midwestern for History. It was while in grad school that I began working with leather. 

Now some real talk... 

You may notice the asterisks following "fortunate events" above, that's not a typo. While I am not one to be mystical, I do think this crazy trip were on in life has more surprises than we will ever be prepared for. There will come a time in your life, if you haven't experienced it already (at least once) that you will look back and see all the events that have shaped who, where and what you are. Most of them, at the time, we we think the world is going to end or we will never bounce back. Let me tell you, those are the big ones. 

I went to Wyoming to do something I thought I was meant to do. Something I wanted to do. A few snowflakes and closed roads changed all that (it was actually a lot of snow... like 15-20 foot snow drifts on the side of the road. Crazy, CRAZY)

That blizzard sent me back home to Texas and convinced me to go to Midwestern State University. While at MSU, I met a girl. I found an interest for literature, history and humanities. I spent 6 months in Europe to study which changed my opinions of the world immensely. I rekindled a friendship while in Europe (among my closest and most dear friends to this day.) I earned a degree! I quit tobacco (for 2.5 years), I started Grad school, I worked for Texas Tech University for a year (internship), I married the girl.. finally, she would add.... We welcomed our son into the world in 2016.... All of this because of some snow. 

We often forget the experiences and people who have molded us and guided us along our way. It's very easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the world, but I encourage you to slow down and look over your shoulder and reflect on those experiences. You may just surprise yourself if you really think back hard and far enough. 

This has been Real Talk with Jesse Wayne, Sponsored by Lost Penguin Leather, Thanks for stopping in! (to be read with a PBS narrator in mind) 

<<<<< Because of a blizzard... :)

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