5 O'clock Somewhere "Diver's" Coaster set

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5 O'clock Somewhere "Diver's" Coaster set

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This 5 O'clock Somewhere "Diver's" Coaster set is perfect for any home bar. Each coaster is made from natural leather with a classic Rolex-style design for a classic, timeless look that won't go out of style. Enjoy your favorite drinks in style with these high-quality coasters.

4" Round 10/11oz Herman Oak Veg Tan Coaster Set (4 coasters per set). 

These are an ideal companion for that classic cocktail with design inspiration drawn from one of the greatest time pieces know, as well as timeless, classic good looks. If you know, then you know. 


Its 5 O'clock somewhere ya'll, so raise a glass and cheers to a great day!