Graduations, Father's Day, and Summer Time Y'all!

As the school year draw to an end.... "three days, just three days, left," my wife just hurriedly spouted out when I asked (she is a teacher, if you didn't pick up on that.), and we all are making out our summer plans! 

Last week were college graduations, and this week High School, then before we know it, we'll all be waist deep in the cool waters of Texas enjoying some much needed R&R, (at least I hope we can all find time for this). Then, we will all be giving Dad a day of love and praise. 

I'd like to touch on each of these delightful and life events.

We'll start with Graduation: I can recall way back in 2004 when I graduated High School, I though the sky was the limit. I know we all probably did. Since, I have seen a lot of ups and downs, wins and loses, friends and foes, but one thing has remained... I have kept my family and loved ones close along this crazy ride. I'm certainly no sage, but I can tell you, your family matters, and you should always keep them close, even through the trivial squabbles, kiss/hug and make up. Just do it. *College was another story that we may come back to some other time. :)


Now, the fun part, Summer Time. Who doesn't love summer time? Its a great season to make time for yourself and family. I will say, I have been blessed with an awesome partner in life who is a Teacher, and yes, they deserve to have summers off. We are fortunate enough to spend a lot of time together in the summertime with our schedules. I do not know what adventures we'll be on this summer, but I encourage you all to find your own adventure, and get out there to explore! What are your plans? Let us know below in the comments!


Now, Father's Day. I know you all took my advised on Mother's Day after my post Important PSA: Mother's Day  So, lets see what tidbits I can offer for Dad's day. First off, most of the points I talked about in the Mother's Day PSA apply to dad too. Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think. 

Make Dad something, I am willing to bet, that he would love to help you make whatever you are planning. So, hit up Pinterest, google so build plans, or go buy some plants to plant. Dad will like to help. He may play it off like its work, but he enjoys it. 

Sit down and ask Dad about life! Ask for advise, ask about when he was growing up. Conversation, more often than not, is more memorable than a ball game, fancy dinner, or gift. 

If you can get away to do it, go mow Dad's lawn for him, drop a sixer in the fridge for him to enjoy, while not have to earn it on a mower. * Bonus, he'll probably offer you one when you're finished working. 

And last but certainly not least.......

Call him! Call Dad!

He wants to know whats going on just as much as Mom does. Do it! Don't think, do it! 



  • Chad

    I can’t wait for my daughter to grow up to be able to ask her old dad about life :)

  • Amber

    We’d all love to hear about the college years! 😋

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