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Being a Creator: Finding Help

" If someone has taken the time to share a pro tip with you, let them know how it worked out for you when you applied it to your own work. Let them know their time was not wasted...."

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Being a Creator: Finding Your Community

Last week we looked at where we belong in a Crafty World. Today, lets talk about Community. What is it? Why you need to engage with it, and why we can all benefit from it.  At first glance, community suggest the people physically around you, who you live among, interact with. Lets look at it from a slightly broader sense. Lets apply community to what our craft is, who our craft is. When applied to you as a maker and creator, community isn't necessarily the people physically around you, but rather in your area of craft, or interests. Even that is a broad answer, there are communities within themselves. For example, I am a leather maker. Think of all the products out...

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Being a Creator: Finding Your Place in a Crafty World

Last week I talked about taking a leap and just starting something. Today I want to talk about finding your place in a crafty world. What does that mean? Well, you probably already have an idea of what you want to make, or have already started your journey into some sort of craft. But where is your place? What do you want to do with your new found craft? Do you simply want to be a hobbiest? Do you want to start a business? What about build a brand? These seem to be three of the big questions.  Most of us start as a hobby, making items for ourselves, then for friends and family. I have friends who do incredible...

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